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Originally Posted by davetac1 View Post
First: If the weather is cold where you live,it's possible that somethin in the throttle system may have iced up.

Second:Are your throttle cables adjusted correctly??? If they're not,that could cause the throttle to stick.There's a section in the OM explaining the throttle adjustment procedure.

Third:Has anyone worked on your machine recently??If so,it's possible that somethin didn't get put back together right.

And fourth: A component in the system may be goin bad.

At any rate,ya wanna get it checked and fixed ASAP,as a sticking throttle can get ya into some real serious trouble, real quick.

Anyways, there's a couple things to look at. Good luck. Dave!!!
hi davetac, the weather has been perfect, so no problems with ice.
Yes someone has worked on the bike recently, the big bore kit was installed about 3 weeks ago (by Triumph dealer) & it had a full service at the same time. I took it back after a week as it had a slight throttle problem with the throttle opening slightly when turning the bars (eg. when parked at idle, turning the bars to full lock would increase revs by about 200rpm or so). This was a mechanical adjustment only. This differs from this issue, as I was riding on a long straight, and the throttle had retracted, but the revs did not drop at all.
Just got off the phone to the dealer, will be taking it in this arvo. Will be interested to see what the cause was, but murphys law might prevail & they probably won't find anything (happens all the time).
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