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Stuck throttle

has anyone else had a problem with a stuck throttle of sorts. Happened twice to me tonight. I was cruising at around 110 kph (68 mph), came up to some lights, released the throttle, and it did retract, but the revs did not drop. Pulled the clutch in & braked to a stop, the bike was still at approx 2500rpm. I sat there throttling on & off for 30 sec or so & finally it released.
Took off again testing with bursts of speed, about 5 minutes later it stuck again, at a similar speed, maybe a little less. Again the throttle appeard to release fully, but the revs would not drop. Pulled over again, this time it took around 5 minutes of poking/prodding/reving/banging the throttle control before it finally dropped it's revs to idle.
So both times the throttle control didn't actually appear to have stuck, but the revs had jammed on at around 2500. Has anyone else experienced this. (yes I will be ringing the shop tomorrow).
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