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This was a recurring problem. Had it in to the dealer for recall and the belt started squeaking/chirping faintly the night before. Had the dealer adjust it. Picked it up as shop was closing, w/in 5 minutes it was 10x worse. Next day they it was my fault because I hadn't aligned the belt. This was less than 500 km after my 1st warranty service. Suggested I drive it about 30 km to wear off the rough edge. Thought what a load of crap but played their game. Went for 180 km run and it got progressively worse. They adjusted it - went away for about 250 km. They wanted to charge me for re-adjusting it. Apparently they don't get it that a belt shouldn't need to be adjusted every couple of hundred km. Took it back one more time. On a 3 day cruise, it happened again at end of first day. Next day and day after it was gone and hasn't happened again for a couple thousand km (now at 8,700 km). Don't know if it's a break in period for the belt or what but keeping my fingers crossed.
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