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Yes, mine has been replaced a year ago and the new one screwed up this summer. It has to do with the heat/direct sunlight popping the faceplate and even though it's not noticeable, after the first time the damage is permanent and it will keep doing it. My dealer told me that they have came out with a speedo with screws in the faceplate and that was the latest fix. He said he is going to order one for mine. That's been two months ago and i haven't heard back. It's been cooler so it's only acted up a couple of more times. I plan on taking it in this winter and get the new one. we'll see how it goes. I know that they are not winnning any popularity contests when they continue selling them knowin they have a problem. It should be a recall because not knowing your speed is a safety concern!!!! Oh and the coolant problem is common also. otherwise I love the bike, but their reaction to these problems get a bit frustrating. Just sayin'.
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