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Originally Posted by paulfun View Post
Please dont go making blank statements about 20 year old bikes that you cant prove.
I don't think he really did but I sure can. I grew up riding almost everything from a Cafe to a Crusier. That was more than half a decade ago. Most of the Kawaski's wouldn't handle and wobble like a metronome in highspeed turns. This was inherent in the frame design. The only real bike that had the edge in the handling department was the R series BMW's of the time. The Suzuki's and Honda's liked to wallow in the turns and their suspension compliance was sh#t. Most all the Japanese bikes needed serious suspension and frame work to handle well.

Now the European bikes like Lavarda, BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, and others were much more refined. They handled well and didn't require much tweaking. Some were down on power but made up in spades in the handling department.

Frankly, the T-Bird is a refined, well designed motorcycle with allot of viable traits. It's an all-rounder with class leading performance.
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