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Originally Posted by Thunder Rat View Post
Interesting how we all like to define what a cruiser is. I find the bird appeals to a wide variety of riders.It is like the perfect woman...a lady in the lounge-room and a whore in the bedroom.

Now, something that occurred to me is that Triumph have built an evolutionary bike in the Thunderbird. They did not have a big bore cruiser for a long time but learnt from having a giant cruiser in the R3 to having very traditional bikes in the Bonny and Speedmaster/Americas. The 'bird evolved from getting a mix of all the above bikes and making one to please all.

Basically there is really only a choice of two models in the T-bird range. Either a 1600 or 1700. Everything else is cosmetic and designed to be customised by the owner.For example, if you are into touring you can say it is a great long distance mile muncher and make it fit that role. If you like a minimalist ''cruiser type' bike go for a black Storm. If you want a fast sporty cruiser you go for a Black T'-Bird and add some bling. If you want a slower more sedate bike you can get a silver or blue one or some other slow colour.

The big BUT is that it does what we want it to. I think it handles well because of the time and design study that went into it before production. Anything on wheels handles better today than a decade ago and go back 20 years and by todays standards bikes and cars were generally not as good as what we have.

Triumph made 'traditional' bikes when Adam wore short pants. Harleys did the same. Ducatis have always gone for the exotic go fast bikes and made them very hard to work on, ride and get comfortable on but ask any Ducati rider what the bike is like and he will tell you it is great. The Diavel to me is a real oddball machine. I just don't get it.I fell like a grasshopper when I sit on one. My legs are half way up my backside, the seat is designed for small butts and the bike is too light.

If we went to a Ducati forum they would probably think the Diavel is the modern interpretation of a cruiser for the 2000's.
I am not defineing the class here! Only pointing out that the class was already defined by the buying public and the mag's way back when the japanese tried raising the bar for the cruiser class!

Please dont go making blank statements about 20 year old bikes that you cant prove. I have a bunch of them (all between 20 to 26 years old) and everyone of them would whip my thunderbird out in the twisties with no problem! They will also cruise all day long nice and easy or run hard all day long wich ever you prefer. Not to mention I could still take any one of them to the track and whoop on all the current cruisers exept for maybe the diavel as its rummored to be a bit faster!
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