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Originally Posted by GRANDPAamerica View Post
My apologies for confusing cafes & classics with cruisers. As far the Harley designer or stylist this came from a Triumph dealer. Word of mouth info is not always accurate and how would I have not found this fact out unless texting on this forum. I should have stated I heard? No bashing just trying understand the cruiser riders market. Style is more important than function. Sorry for the old dog applied logic from experience. I'm learning the old traditional motorcyclist must keep their thinking to themselves. Be safe!
You could do a little homework first, read a review, pick up a magazine. Hopping on the internet and posting something up as fact [when, in actuality, it's not] makes you look uninformed and, frankly, stupid.

You absolutely were bashing, and when called out on it, are now doubling-back. This makes you look unprincipled, and of weak conviction.

I see no "old-dog" logic here, just an uneducated, uninformed old man trying to stir the pot.
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