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I agree you shouldn't lean until you shove your pegs up into your shins! But I also thing if you are just touching now and then there is no cause for alarm.

Guys some of us are falling into a trap and doing exactly what we criticize others for doing when they make comments on our Thunderbird...but haven't ridden it yet. I have ridden the Diavel - have you? Sitting on it and reading specs are not the same as riding it....right? As much as I didn't like it personally - I actually rode it. The torque ratings are misleading because the bike is so much lighter, the Diavel runs just fine in low RPM and you don't wish for more torque - you do NOT need to rev it up to feel the power - you get more, way more power than the TBird long before the Diavel hits it's power band when it then pulls your arms out of your shoulder sockets. So it's easy to ride sedately if you choose to. So as I read all the opinions and this and that, I'm cringing because so many of us have jumped on other guys, especially Harley guys that say negative things about our bike without ever having ridden one. I hear a lot about plastic - maybe I need to take a closer look at what packages the Diavel offers, but my buddies bike has Carbon Fiber all over it - and while to an untrained eye you might think "plastic" - the two cannot be confused. I personally don't like all of it's styling and exterior shell components - but to say it is poorly put together with inferior components, I believe, is a misrepresentation of the facts. Go ride one! Start a thread on that - and lets compare notes - or we can start a thread called "I sat on a Diavel and read the brochure" Yes yes I know I'm a sarcastic a-hole, and that's why you love me.


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