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I've had a number of riders I've met comment on my Thunderbird 'sportbike tires' and they ask how it corners.

Honestly, I never really thought about the tires much when I bought it. It just fit me, had gobs of power, and it handled well ... and that's what mattered to me.

But the obvious fact to any astute observer is that this bike just reeks of more than just a boulevard cruiser ... because it is. Them Metzler tires are stock for a reason.

I bought a 'performance cruiser', and this particular cruiser because I was looking for a bike that wasn't just about the cool, laid back stance. I would have bought the Yamaha Stryker if I wanted pure cool and mediocre everything else.

The Thunderbird is about cool, but also about potential in corners, wicked brakes and neck snapping power when you demand it. Its not a track bike, and never will be; Its a cruiser with potential, and I will probably never test its performance to the max.

I'm getting used to my pegs clicking the ground from time to time. It no longer freaks me out when it happens, because I know this bike is built for everything I'm going to throw at it.

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