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Belt Tension Tool

I apologize, I know this has come up in forums before but since I couldn't find it, I figured I would just post this.

So, after 5500 miles, the belt chirped. Low and behold, I have been slack on my inspections and I found the belt sloppy loose. Since adjusting the tension is no casual matter, I figured I would do it correctly so I called my local dealer to get the belt tension tool. Except it is $60 and a week or 2 shipping!!! Even they were embarrassed telling me this.

Well, I figured I was a machinery engineer with a little time on my hand, it was time to channel my inner MacGyver (always fun). I scrounged around, and Lo! I came up with a nice solution. A 1/2" hex head bolt (sorry Triumph, no metric on this tool), a spring, a washer, and a nut and I had a precision tool. Pics will be attached but first some comments:

1) The spring: I am sure there are plenty of sources for springs. I had the luxury of access to a shop scrap bin and we had an old spring that was being pitched with the rest of the parts. A quick check at Lowes showed several compression springs for about $4.

2) The washer: Not technically a requirement but it provides a nice leverage to push on.

3) I used a kitchen scale to check the needed deflection and marked the target compression. I then added duct tape to add visibility (and it is what MacGyver would do).

4) The nut really isn't necessary but it keeps everything from flying apart. As long as it is backed off below the load mark, it does not affect spring load at all.

So, you put the hex head on the bottom of the belt and push up until the washer is at the marked spot (nice silver reflective duct tape) and you know you have 10 lbs applied to the belt.

Total cost: about $5.

Hope this helps you.

PS It is becoming painfully apparent that either Triumph engineers do not work on motorcycles or hate the people that do (or both).
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