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What was ironic is; he traded it in for a new T-Bird.
Thing is, it may be a powerhouse. But it IS after all a non cruiser engine, and they are very different animals that feel very different and satisfy different desires. Ergos and all that aside, it has a lot less torque than the 1700. I think i read 90 Lbs at 6000 RPMs or something along those lines, where the 1700 has around [email protected] So yeah, it's faster, but i prefer low end torque any day because it's useful and fun all the time even when riding sedately. That is what makes the Tbird a cruiser IMO even moreso than the ergos and look. I don't wind my bikes out every other stop light. If that was so important i'd be riding a speed's a triumph and a lot cheaper than the daivel and probably a better bike. I don't get the guy who bought a diavel then traded it for a Tbird.....did he not understand they are apples and oranges? Kinda like going out looking for a 4WD and buying a porsche instead then deciding to get the 4WD after all because the porsche was no good in the woods.
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