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The Diavel or as some put it Drivel, is something else and I agree with the defination of power crusier just like the old Kawaski 900 LTD, V-Max etc. It's not in the same class as the crusiers tested. I had the opportunity to examine and sit on one. Looks cheap by Ducati standards. Egronomics are designed for shorter individuals an really don't accomodate taller. It's lighter no doubt but a what expense, overall quality is a big question. Sure it runs a 127 RWHP hp but if I want to go this direction, then why do it in a quasi-crusier? Of course there's the point of manintenance cost. It's no cheaper than maintenance on a 1098, which isn't inexpensive. Market wise, it's not really going to compete in the same class as the T-Bird.

I talked to the dealership owner about the bike. It had 1700 miles on it. I questioned him regarding the trade in and for what reason? He stated the owner just didn't like the ergonomics of the bike and was looking for a crusier with good all-round performance. What's ironic, he traded it in for a new T-Bird.

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