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Well the Corbin seat came today....with one small adjustment on the rear tab it bolted right on. Daz, I took the air scoop off the stock seat to see if it would fit on the Corbin. No way. But the Corbin while it looks like it fits tight against the side panels is by no means air tight. In fact with the air scoop shroud gone there is more air inflow than with the stock seat. I took it for a ride and could slightly hear the intake riding without my helmet. But that is about it. No difference in performance. The only thing I wonder about is water ingestion in a severe thunderstorm while riding at highway speed. But I doubt it as the seat curves over the sides of the intake. I will remove the seat or cover with plastic for washing though. This Winter I'll experiment with the plastic air scoop and see if I can make my own custom version.

But first impressions are that this seat is worth the money as it fits me like a glove. I did make sure to give Corbin my height, weight and inseam length on the order. I do recommend it!!
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