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I've learned that alignment and tension work together to cause squeaking. In other words, if the alignment is right, the belt can be somewhat tight or loose w/o squeaking. If not, it will be overly sensitive to tension and tend to squeak much easier. If the belt is not adjusted very tight and you have squeak, you can be sure it's way out of alignment. It's amazing how out it can be w/o realizing it unless you have a accurate way to align.

I would bet that in the future (if they haven't already) triumph will make some sort of change, maybe a spacer at the font or rear sprocket or some such thing along those lines, that will cause the belt to gravitate away from the outer flange when the wheel is aligned perfectly. I have put so much time, thought, and energy into getting this right, and at this point i really believe it can't be made right as is. Could be that some bikes can and some can't due to any number of things including possibly engine alignment in the frame due to the frame adjusters that situate the engine in the frame properly.
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