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Daryl, i think he's wrong on that. (that you could lean far past the pegs if it weren't for them) There are several guys that reported having gone past the pegs by leaning till they folded way up and at that point the pavement contacted the frame, which doesn't give way ! Instead it of course will lift the wheel off the ground. At least one member suggested he found that out the hard was and trashed his bid.
But like i said here recently, I can lean and ride harder than a sane person should w/o going that far, so i now see it as a safety valve. I used to wish i could lean further, but i now feel the pegs keep me from leaning to the point where things start becoming really dangerous. There are time i wish i could, but I'm glad it's like this because i really can't help myself at times and i feel i would push it much too far. I already push it further than i know i should and having the clearance to do more i fear would end in disaster.
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