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Some have had bad experiences, some good. Like any company it can go either way. From my experience and what i've seen i think triumph will back thier warranty assuming they fully believe the customer is not in any way wrongfully attempting to get a free fix and that the issue is really triumph's fault. The problem lies in the fact that what triumph believes, right or wrong, is the way they go. But if they believe the are wrong i think they will be fair. A good example is my belt. It began to shred on the outer edge and when i had it in for the BB kit i had the mechanic ask triumph to warranty it even tho he knew i had adjusted it according to the swingarm marks and that they are not accurate and therefore the belt was damaged. He asked triumph and they denied it. When the mechanic told me they denied it i said to him that i adjusted it like that because the triumph SHOP MANUAL says to do it that way and that i feel it's wrong for them to deny it when they as much as told me to do it that way. The mechanic called them again and told them that and they then agreed to warranty it. I feel that incident showed that they ARE good about it when they realize it IS thier fault either by design or a different scenario like mine. But again, it comes down to whether *they believe it's thier fault*, not whether it actually is or not.
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