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I've ridden the Diavel - and I encourage any of you to ride it as well and tell me what you think. I loved the power but that was the ONLY thing I liked about it. It has more buttons and displays on it than some cars and I found it very distracting. Never did figure out how to toggle through to see my RPM's until he showed me after the ride. I'm 6', 200lbs and I found the ride very uncomfortable - upgright my pa-tootie. It is NOT. While not total sportbikish I found I was supporting too much of my upperbody weight with my hands, and in just 15 miles my hands fell asleep and I was taking turns shaking them to return blood flow. The seat drops into a severe V (to keep you from sliding off the back at full throttle?) and for my body type I found the weight bearing to be too far forward and it was hard to position the man parts to where my weight wasn't where I didn't want it to be. The handling in the twisties is superb, no doubt but it was very sport bikish, I could get on the throttle BEFORE the turn, much before I would on my TBird. It is feather lightish, too light, does not feel like a cruiser. When you stop at a light or sign you have to disengage your feet from the pegs because they are behind your knees, not just lift your feet off and down to the ground like a cruiser. I found it awkward to tuck them back up on the pegs behind my knees each time I took off. I was very glad to get off of it and back onto my bird. You just have to go ride one to know everything I'm talking about. To call it a cruiser in my opinion is like calling the Porsche Cayenne a station wagon. Somebody is stretching and I don't think we should let them!

About the lean angle on the TBird - don't let it fool you - they have to put the pegs and drag pins there for federal safety regulations, but a guy at a shop I trust just laughed at me and told me I could lean the bike so far past that - he said I could probably drag pipe and still be ok. I take a peg hitting as a mere indicator of where I am - not a need to panic anymore. Still quickens my heartbeat don't get me wrong, but I don't have the all out panic I did when it first happened to me!


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