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Dazco ... You say rocket owners will tell you it handles better ,,, but it does'nt ,,,, what do you base that on , have you actually owned one , just had a test ride on one or read about it ,,

I can tell you the t bird handles better than the rocket , or the rocket classic .. because i've rode them all ,,, BUt i can also tell you the rocket Tourer not the classic , handles EVERY bit has good has the t bird, once your used to it and not intimidated , it can be moved around the carparks just has easy , but on the open road , its weight and power gives you more confidence than the t bird its just sticks to the road , in the twisties well i cannot push my t bird any quicker than the tourer , in fact in a race from a to b in twisties i constantly make better time on my rt3 .

I'm not going to say one is better than the other because i own both and there both great bikes, so if its a 1000 klm journey i take the rt3, if its going into the city i take the t bird , on a sunday with the wife its the rt3 she finds it more comfortable , On my own i take the t bird . I keep the 2 bikes because i geuinly cannot pick one over the other when i can i will get rid of one .

But when it comes to the day i've got rid of one and the other needs replacing , guess what , it will be a roadster , because that bike after riding it was AWSOME it out performed both of them . ESPECIELLY in the twisties , and for over taking sheer exhileration .

Is the roadster for everyone definetly not , its not a bike for the sqeamish , its bigger than the t bird , power over the t bird you cannot believe, until you have not just ridden one , but actually ridden one with the confidence to use the power , Its not that much heavier then the bird but has substantially more clearance , .

Remember he was asking about the roadster not the classic or standard rocket .

My advice robert is simple if you are confident to handle that big bike , if you are capable of handling that monster , the BUY IT , Its not a bike for the faint hearted , but it is a great all rounder , sure has dazco will point out it has faults , one being it can be cumberson in the carparks , but heh you don't buy it to ride round k marts carpark you buy them to ride on the road , and anyway the t bird has a more serious flaw , and thats when you get off the carparks , and the straight roads into some serious twistie riding , its not got the ground clearance , which is the bigger fault , all subjective , I know i would ride the dragons tale a lot quicker on a roadster than a t bird , . probably feel safer on the t bird because i know i cannot take every bend on the pegs and would have to slow down , .

The roadster is taller but so is the tourer and i put ikon shocks on mine 35mm shorter than standars and dropped it through the triple tree 20mm , made it the same seat height roughly has the t bird and still has more clearance , , have a ride mate see how you go .

For me the t bird is a great bike but the roadster is better . Only reason i don't have one is i will lose too much money selling both my bikes too get one , i want to get the use out of them before i get rid . But once i've actually had the use out of them to warrant losing the money i'll lose . for me it will be the roadster with quick release bags and screen

All subjective mate take it for a good ride
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