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Thank you all for the advice. It'd be nice if they'd just start putting the 1700 in all of the bikes for 2012...problem solved.

That probably not being the doesn't sound like there is any harm in installing the aftermarket items while the bike is new. I guess I'll focus on finding the color I want, with ABS, and then talk to the dealer about what they can do in the way of a deal for installing the BB kit. If they can't do much, I'll just wait. Like most of you have said, it's a nice to have, but not a necessity...especially for how I ride (not super aggressive). I just know that if I don't get it, I'll probably always lust after it.

I'd like to get the pipes right away, because it's easier for me to lump that in when I buy the bike...for some reason it feels more expensive buying them after the fact. I never got around to getting pipes for my Bonnie for that reason. After have a stock Bonnie for a while, I am eager for a bike that makes at least a little bit of noise...

Really kicking myself for not jumping on a used bird a few months ago. I wasn't quite ready yet, and it was 8 hours away, but it was the color I wanted with the pipes I wanted, and a few other nice upgrades...and he wanted less than $10k. I believe it had under 5k miles as well. Someone on the forum ended up picking it up, I don't remember who, but he made a wise choice. Kinda hoping something like that comes up again, but if not, I'll go new in the Spring.

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