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I'm more of a hands on person. The Thunderbird is a great all round motorcycle that handles better than most all of the current day cruisers on the market. The larger V displacement bikes don't lend themselves to optimal handling. The wheel base of the bikes are to long, which slows side to side transitions. This effects recovery in turns. They're generally lower to the ground which limits clearance. Their balance is also effected by the placement of the engine.

With Triumphs parallel twin there's no need to stretch out the frame to accommodate the motor. This allows for a more compact frame and shorter wheel base. It also has better steering geometry. Side to side transition are much easier.

Motor wise, there's a large advantage in both horsepower and torque as can be seen in the dynos. This has an even greater effect on the road. Better overall response.

I'm not surprised at the T-Birds domination in the test. It just proves Triumph designed the T-Bird to be allot more than just straight line crustier. For those that doubt it's capability, I suggest you take one for a spin and decide for yourself. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

People buy a cruiser for stylized daily use and straight line comfort. It's no surprise they later find it inadequate for spirited riding. The T-Bird is an exception to the rule and has proven it since it's original release.

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