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Funny this very question came up today A friend of mine was home visiting for the weekend, he has been looking at buying one and wanted to check mine out ever since I told him I got it. He was told by a dealer that the big bore kit was dealer installed only and bascially the same thing as you, to wait till after break in. The cost he said he was quoted sounded very high also. This prompted me to call the dealership that I got my bike from and ask for some numbers for him.

Install the big bore before or after?
When I asked my dealer this question today thier answer was the same as mine "why do break in twice if you know your going to install the kit anyway". they also told me that triumph has no problem with them installing short tors or the like befor break in!

For the question of a factory installed big bore kit the answer was not cut and dry. It seems that some bikes did have the kit installed at the factory but its not the norm!

For me the question is self explanitory. If the item cant or shouldnt be installed before break in is performed then that item should never be installed as its not compatible with the machine!

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