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Headlight issue solved

At the advice of hagtha (Thanks! ) I bought the Adjure Diamond Cut Ice 5-3/4" headlamp #2350. I also bought the PIAA H4 Extreme White 4000 K 55/60W vibration proof powersports bulb. Installed both and wow is it bright.

In the Stock headlamp there is a second smaller light bulb which is a parking light but also illuminates when you hit the high beam switch. I taped off the plugs with electrical tape and pushed them back into the wiring harness in the bucket. The Triumph headlight bucket ring has a tab that holds the stock lamp which needs to be bent back so the replacement can fit snug to the face of the bucket. Installation took about 30 minutes. Now it looks custom.

Note your stock light & the Adjure light both have H4 bulbs. Not as bright as the PIAA but they will work. I wanted the extreme blue white so motorists will see me approaching an intersection.

Thanks again to hagatha for the easy tip.

Cost: Lamp $72 PIAA Bulb $39

Tested the new light tonight and after raising the bucket about 1/4" it works very well. I live in a wooded area with no street lights and many deer. This light throws ample light to travel safely at 50mph on an unlit rural 2 lane road at night

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