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Originally Posted by davetac1 View Post
I still don't believe that the cams have to be removed to change shims.I believe there were a couple of guys either on here or the other site who have infact changed shims on their bikes without removing the cams.I haven't had to get into it yet,but when I do,I'll be sure and let everyone know if it can be done or not without removing the cams.There are always short cuts to anything.And the words "IMPOSSIBLE" or CAN'T BE DONE" DO NOT exist in this business. Ya just have to stop and look at it. Dave!!!
I remember seeing these posts but I forget which site. I think they used a screwdriver to compress the springs althrough I do not like this as it nicks the springs and creates "stress risers" on a already overworked part. BTW if any has had their valves adjusted, not checked but adjusted, you can tell by looking at the chain tensioner at the front of the engine, If it looks ( the bolts mainly ) like it came from the factory chances are they did not adjust the valves. And also the cam cover bolts should should signs of removal as well as other things if you look and I encourage you to do so after the service, if it still looks factory question them hard!!
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