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The majority of those who have deviated from metz have gone to avon storm ultra 2 one the rear. I have one, mileage appears to be much better. One guy said 8k so far and not nearly done. it's dual compound which is why the mileage yet still sticks like the metz in corners. But as i've discovered with this dual compound Avon, the straight line traction is noticeably less than the Avon. I've had it lock in a hard stop where the metz wouldn't have, and had it spin during take-off out a driveway in a underground parking lot where the pavement is slick. That wouldn't set off an alarm except i pull out of that lot 5 days a week and the metz never once did that.

So beware....any tire you get that wears better than the metz is also going to grip less in the middle. And if it's NOT dual compound it's also going to stick less in the corners which is a disaster waiting to happen if you ride aggressively at all. I intend to keep using the avon rear if it wears to at least 9 or 10k which from reading other's reports seems it will. I'll just have to try and be more careful where applicable. I have always said that i think any tire that wears better is going to be less sticky in the center at least, and this has proven my point to me at least. Happily tho, in the corners are where i demand the best it is as good as the metz. That part i would never sacrifice.
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