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Originally Posted by Blindaussie View Post
I have been to the USA about 10 times I guess and have enjoyed it immensely (once I got past the damn immigration and customs that is!)
However, Australia is truly god"s country, no contest. Happy to show you around any time mate!!
And I still think the TBird is the best thing on two wheels by a huge margin>
Had a friend that lived in Canada - got a work VISA and worked here in California for about 5 years. His wife was from Australia. They were well traveled in all 3 countries, and one day I asked him which he preferred. For his work, computer programmer, he said he preferred US - but for living in, he said Australia. We all love our home country but I will reserve judgement until I see it - I do want to see Australia some day - but consider this.

Just in the State of California we have Death Valley - over 200 feet below sea level. A couple hundred miles to the north we have Mt. Whitney, over 14,400 feet high. You can top out on Hwy 80 out of Vallejo and on a clear day see the San Francisco Bay behind you and the snow capped Sierra in front of you. You can snow ski at say Sqwall Valley USA, drive 3 hours, put on a wet suit and be surfing in the ocean on the same day. We have the redwoods - the Mojave Desert - Palm Springs - Hollywood - 9 lane freeways - single lane tracks high in the mountains to deserted mining ghost towns. This place is hard to beat and it's only one state of 50 - but I'd still take you up on a tour of Australia with an open mind. No matter where you are - it's better on 2 wheels!


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