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Originally Posted by oldgreybull View Post
Once you get it open any chance of a picture? If posting is a concern (was with my first one), just take the picture and send it to one of us - bet one of the 3 D's - Daryl, Dave or Daz would post it for you.
I would but I'm going to be out of pocket in the boonies for about 10 days with very spotty cell or e-mail coverage.
Darn it... wish I had seen this earlier. I pulled the cover off last night, but didn't take any pictures, and have already torqued down the bolts again. If you REALLY want me to, it is still relatively easy for me to get back in there and pull it off... I have yet to get the coolant pipe installed completely. If that sucker was back on, I would say forget it!

Yes, at this moment in time I consider the coolant piping to be the biggest pain for this project.

Not sure what you would see with the pictures. If you do plan on doing this, remember that the coolant is really the biggest hurdle... once you have the cover off, measuring the valve clearances is very easy... they are right there in front of you.

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