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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
So true. But i could never understand why that is because the air is denser which is what makes it lean. But if so, why wouldn't it then do the same thing in normal temps if you allow more air ? Instead it just gets lean and runs like [email protected] on the bikes where i've tried opening up the airways w/o changing the amount of fuel. Even on carb'd bikes i found that, and we know they weren't adding more fuel since no computer telling it what it needs.

I keep wondering why we couldn't recreate the cold weather power, but i guess it has to do NOT with how much air can get in but how dense it is for the space allowed. My brain just doesn't operate in that shuts down and start sending signals telling me to start drinking beer.

On the contrary Daz.Have ya ever heard of racing teams packing the engine compartment with ice around the air intake and manifold???Whadaya think they did that for? lol The name of the game is getting the correct air/fuel mixture,AKA,stochiometrics.Now there's a word for It means" CHEMICALLY CORRECT" Of course this was BEFORE everyone went to computer controls.But it used to be common place years ago.Dave!!!
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