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For those doing their 12k maintenance...

So, I am going through the 12k maintenance right now (actually, the 24k maintenance, but whatever...) and I figured I would throw out some pointers and stuff...

Doing most of the maintenance is not all that hard, and I am not going to touch on it... I am going to go into the valve clearance inspection, however, since it is a pain...

First, make sure you have everything you are going to need...
  • metric torx allen wrenches, torx bits, feeler gauge, etc.
  • replacement coolant
  • replacement valve cover gasket AND four of the ring gaskets. The ring gaskets are apparently even more important that the cover gasket, as they have a higher tendency to get mangled.
  • Threebond 1215 sealant (or equivalent). I found on a Subaru website that some of the equivalents are:
    • 3M T-3 Silicone (black) #08670
    • Loctite/Permatex #599 Ultra-Grey

Getting the seat and tank off aren't all that big a hassle, but the rest is a pain. You have to drain the coolant, because across the top of the valve cover is a coolant pipe that has to come off in order to get to the cover (fortunately, one of the other maintenance items happens to be a flush of the coolant). Once all of this stuff is out of the way, it is time to pull the cover off.

That is actually as far as I have gotten, since I did not have the sealant or replacement coolant, and my current feeler gauge is... questionable. I will pick those up on the way home tonight so that when I pull the cover off, I can do the maintenance check right then and immediately close it back up. I didn't want to leave the cover off any longer than I had to.

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