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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
What car? The Tbird will probably take most cars for a couple gears i imagine, but after that i think there are a lot of cars that will eat it.
Daz - no disrespect intended - I actually would LIKE to race you or another 1700. I thought I had told you about my '67 Camaro? I ran a 13.6 second quarter mile on street tires at Sears Point raceway. My 60 feet time was 2.1 seconds so you can tell I could not get 1st gear hooked up. If I could get that time down to 1.6 where it should be, could run a 13.0 flat. I put a Richmond 5 speed in the car - it does 118 in 4th gear - I've never topped it out in 5th because it gets light in the front after 123 mph. But I have driven the car, and ridden the bike enough Saturdays back to back, it's not close, my car outpulls my bike.

And a video when the neighbors got together and asked how come I never drove it hard - told them I didn't sh*t where I ate, but they said oh come on do it once...


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