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Do the correct conversion
You're right, but still he would then be getting over 60 MPG U.S. The highest i have seen to date is what druade just posted. Before that 90% of people seem to get around 40 MPG with jumps up to 50 and a rare 52-53 or somewhere around there. I suppose it's possible under perfect conditions, but it would be a record. When i was looking at bikes a while back as a second commuter bike i looked at MPG and honestly, the only bikes in the 60 MPG range were tiny 250's and scooters. so if he got over 60 thats incredible. But I still think there could be something missing like a pump thats not calibrated the same as the one he last used. It's amazing how much difference in MPG a small amount can make. Play with a a MPG calculator and you'll see.

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