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Originally Posted by oldgreybull View Post
Sorry if I misunderstood you, I did not mean to offend.
I simply took you literally when you said, "... the Roadking sh-ts all over the triumph in quality comfort and handling" and "My two triumphs have been terrible so nothing will convince me otherwise" and "it's (your TB) nothing compared to my Roadking". Sounds pretty definitive to me - got it, understood. Or maybe not; that's not what you meant?
However if you're going to continue to pound away on that theme, I'll continue to point out that your oppinion - which you have every right to voice - is based on experiences which are very unusual and not consistent with what the majority of other owners have reported - including myself. That's my oppinion and it's not uniformed...
But you are right, I have no idea what your motivations are, so I should have kept my thoughts about that to myself. I was just trying to rationalize some reason for your dogmatic and absolute statements. too..what he said...^^^^
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