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Originally Posted by oldgreybull View Post
There's a new hot chick in town and some of the older broads who wear too much make-up don't like it much!
Love that quote - can I borrow it from time to time?

I work with a guy that had a 1989 HD Softail - readily admitted the Triumph's and Victory's he rode with out performed. But he was HD and that was it, period. Then it was stolen - I said great chance to go try a TBird - nope, shopped around and used his insurance money to buy a Road King - 6 months later it was stolen, so I said go already and test ride a Thunderbird - his reply, I'm afraid I would like it too much. And what is the harm in that? Well if he bought one all his buddies would disown him because it wasn't a HD - so he bought another Road King and is complaining that it has a governor on the RPM's and is the slowest bike he has owned yet. But by gum - it's a Harley! AND he paid more for his used HD than he could have gotten a brand new 1600 SE.


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