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I hear what you're saying - I have 420hp engine in my '67 Camaro with a 750cfm carburator and I run the K&N Extreme top. If you are wanting air at a certain velocity though you you have to limit the volume to speed the air up - for instance on the 950cc if you need faster velocity - but have that big ole air filter - then it's like sucking air out of a big room - not fast down a small tunnel - if that is the result you want. On the other hand maybe i'm all wet. I just have to trust Triumph knows what they are doing - I have no complaints about the air flow on my TBird - I think it's just fine and the Dyno run I had showed that it is pretty good except at the 4,000 rpm range it does some funky stuff and goes really lean - but below that and above that the F/A mixture ratings were pretty good. Anyway it just made me wonder - you know, if the Geo Storm and the Corvette are using the same air filter it would make you go...huh????


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