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With all due respect, the one thing i just have a hard time with is that you say your harley is a much better bike. As reliability goes, no doubt, as you've had the worse luck i have heard of with the triumphs. Had 2 myself and they've been dead reliable. But I just can't help but think your saying the HD is a much better bike in all other respects aside from reliability is due to your anger with the issues. I can't help but think that because i have seen uncountable HD owners come to the Tbird and every one w/o exception cites the Tbird as a far superior bike. So has every magazine article thats has done shootouts between the Tbird and other bikes which always includes a harley.By the way, my buddy's bro has the same HD as you and after riding mine he was blown away by it.

Like i said, i'm not trying to disrespect you or say you're lying, but with all i have seen regarding opinions on the bike compared to HD, you are literally the only person to say the Tbird is not only not as good but that the harley is much better. The only one that has not said the exact opposite. In fact, i can't think of ANY product ever that i recall where users unanimously have all said it's far superior. So i just have a really hard time believing you aren't saying that out of frustration or anger with the Tbird and triumph.

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