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Originally Posted by Tallboy67 View Post
But, I did begin to notice something about the HD "brotherhood". It's a myth. Hang around HD guys long enough and you'll find out. The Softail guys think they're better then the Dyna guys. Everyone thinks Sportsters are girls bikes. The bagger guys think everyone should just buy a bagger and get it over with. Nobody accepts the V-Rod guys, which [incidentally] is the best bike HD makes.
Maybe its just me, but I have noticed a tendency of the HD riders to be some of the less friendly of the bunch. We always give everyone a friendly wave or acknowledgment when passing a fellow biker, but more often than not guys on a HD just keep their eyes on the horizon and act like either they dont see you, or are too focused on trying to look like a badass to wave at anyone. I guess if I spent $45 for a pair of $2 underwear just because they had a HD logo on them then I might ride around all unhappy looking with my buttcheeks clenched up too!

And speaking of Biketoberfest, we made the trek this year too. We saw 10,000 Harleys and only 10 Triumphs, but that made the trip that much more fun...

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