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Install update


Completed install on Friday. Mechanical took about 1 1/4 hours (including UNI filter) while on side stand. Had extra exhaust gaskets handy but didn't need them.
Loaded the short TORS tune for 1700 w/SAI (20310) using TuneECU. I reset the TPS as well.
I had no problems and the battery voltage dropped to 12.3 volts but climbed back to 12.4-5. I did have on battery tender and pulled both headlight any accessory fuses.
Ran the 12 minute adaptation when done.

The Hogslayers wake the bike right up. Nice low cruise tone, move your wrist and they growl with a very unique bark. I think you'll love them I do. I have noticed very minor popping on hard decellerating but I had that with factory's.

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