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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
no, it's a Porsche designed engine isn't it? Porsche or one of those euro sport car companies, but i think Porsche. Anyways, i actually like Vrods for thier power and look. To bad they don't handle or might've considered one if not for the bird. But then every time went to the dealer to get a part i'd have to go i disguise.
Well as I understand it, yes. It was designed and prototypes were produced by Porsche to take HD out of the 19th and into the 21 century but I guess it never fullly took.

What I can't understand is; it's a far better powerplant then the evo motor but the HD guys sort of shun it, go figure.

Anyway I made my decision for the better and it left me with allot more money for accessories.
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