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You guys are gonna love this.

This story has everything this thread is all about.

Today I was riding north into the wind on I-435 (my favorite stretch of 80 mph 6-lane) with no particular destination in mind, but thinking that it will be nice to have the wind at my back on the way home. Then I saw a sign for Kansas Highway 5. I’ve never ridden K-5, and thought that maybe I would get lucky and it would be a nice, twisty little 2-lane.

I took the exit and turned onto K-5. It started out rather unimpressively, with a 30 mph limit and a big truck in front of me, and it looked like it might lead to housing or businesses or something. Then the big truck in front of me turned off and the road opened up. Hill after hill, twist after twist. I had no idea what the speed limit was, but most of the turns had warning signs recommending 25 mph or 35 mph--very cool. Naturally, I rode through them at 40-50 mph, fast enough to make it interesting without any unnecessary drama or floor board scraping.

Pretty soon I noticed a single headlight in my mirrors--another bike gaining on me. Must be a sport bike of some kind. OK, so I turned it up a notch, cranking it up on the straights and taking the twists just a bit faster. The headlight in the mirror wasn’t getting smaller. I kept this pace for a while and was accelerating pretty hard out of an “S” turn, heading up a right hand sweeper when I noticed a Crown Victoria at the top of the hill. I passed the parked cop car doing about 65. I saw a uniformed hand waving out the window, motioning downwards as if to say “slow down.” So I did. I kept it within 8 mph of the posted limit, now noticing that the speed limit signs were alternating between 40 and 50. I also noticed the headlight in my mirror getting very close. The rider wore a doo-rag, no helmet. I could make out a cruiser style wind screen, and thought I saw a chrome pipe on the right side. A Harley? Maybe a V-Rod?

The speed limit dropped to 35 as we entered Leavenworth. I turned right at the light and the other bike followed. As it passed me on the left I gave my usual “peace brother biker” wave, which was not returned. The bike was a Harley FatDynaBobGlideSomethingOrOther and the brother riding it was a sister!

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