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I dunno....thats possible, but that one shootout where the guy says something like "the triumph runs better handles better, and is the better bike, but we have to go with the harley" just shows that even in shootouts there are people who will want and ride a harley even if it' the worse pile of junk on 2 wheel for no other reason that the history and bad ass image people think of when they hear the name. Short of assembling enough feces to mold it into the shape of a bike, anything they make that can be ridden will be praised and purchased by these brainwashed fools. Money can influence shootouts to some degree i'm sure, but i think what that guy said in that shootout a while back was from the heart. If there was money behind what he said i'm sure harley would have not allowed him to say the Tbird is the better bike.

It's crazy when you think about it. Imagine if that sort of attitude didn't just stop at harleys. Can you see people buying a car that gets horrible MPG, breaks down regularly and has lousy performance yet costs an arm and a leg? Ain't gonna happen because cars don't carry an image like harleys do, at least nothing that would sway a buyer towards them if they are a pile and cost a fortune. But the analogy really makes you realize how foolish it is !
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