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Yeah, I don't drink any manufacturers "kool-aid"...never have...never will. I like Harley Davidson bikes..they are ok. But the sun doesn't rise and set on them either. Plus, everybody, everywhere has one and wants to be your "bro" when they pull up next to you on the road.

Not my style.

One story: My friend and I are sitting at a traffic light. Me on my FXD and him on his RK. So 3 guys pull up next to us on Harleys wearing "Sons of Anarchy" tshirts and doo rags and all. They are revving their engines and looking all bad ass. My friend who has been riding Harleys since the 1970's looks at me and looks at them and turns to me and says " I think it is time for me to get that Ducati"

This was a huge incentive for me in trading my HD

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