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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Good. You can toss the dunce cap now. Maybe send it to the our lawman buddy.
But it fits you so perfectly Daz. Why screw up a good thing!

Tallboy, enduring the service and warranty problems are a major problem. Saw it first hand when newer patrol units had to go in for warranty issues and service. Units would be out of service for a week or so on minor issues and on major ones, could be as much as a month. We were always told it was parts availability.

When the city bought into the HD Fleet program, they bought into more than they actually understood. HD reduced the actual warranty duration on the units after delivery due to the miles that were put on the bikes.

Going in for tire replacement was a real issue. They would generally just tell the officers to come back in a day or so. We even caught one HD employee riding a unit to and from work for a week after a warranty service. Of course he claimed he was ensuring the repairs were correctly done. To say the least it was a mess.

They would charge the fuel to the city for service rides if they had to fill up. It was a mess. I agree with you also on the cleanliness issues, as many units returned would actually have oily finger prints and residue over most the bike. Pride in the service and brand seem to be sorely lacking. We made issue with it once and the chief was sent a letter from the dealership owner, apologizing but in the same breath stating, his mechanics weren't getting paid to clean our unit after services but he'd be happy to oblige if they city would pay for the service. Real community spirit there. Nothing every changed.

I could go on an on but it would serve no other purpose but to continue solidifying your previous comments. As for the personal culture, you're more qualified to make those determinations. I've only had to experience it's aftermath of criminal activity.

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