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Great story ! I applaud you for using your good judgment, not because you bought a Tbird but because you didn't fall into that HD trap, which by the way IMO happens only to the weak minded. To sit there and say the triumph is the better bike but buy a HD instead speaks volumes about a person's value system and individuality. I have 2 friends with harleys like that. They're good friends regardless, but i lose a little respect for them because of this. Both think the triumph is better, one even rode it and was blown away but said "I still like HD better". The other one is scared to ride it for fear he wouldn't have enough willpower to resist buying one and selling his harley.

But to be honest i'm sorta glad there's a lot of that HD mentality because if not you would see Tbirds around every corner and we would lose that uniqueness that is one of the really nice aspects of owning a triumph. I have always been a fan of bikes that are less popular but still great. In the 70's i was a huge fan and owner of several models of the suzuki 2 stroke triples. I rarely saw anyone else on them. Everyone who liked 2 strokes wanted a RD350/400 or kawi triple, but i had those too at one point and i swear the suzukis were much better and about the same as far as speed per cc. (the GT750 water cooled suz was fast as he|| and 3 times the bike the kawi 750 triple was)
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