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You've go to sort of admire the lad though; he keeps getting slapped in the face and comes back for more - doesn't seem to mind being a source of entertainment. He just doesn't "get it" though - seems clueless.
I feel sort of bad about it, like I'm taking advantage of someone's handicap.
And I'm amused by the anonymity (hope I spelled that right - always a risk when I'm try to impress by using big words... ) he insists on. Shoot, for all we know "outer space" is "a kiddie safety town" in Mayberry. Now don't get me wrong, those safety towns are a great way for kiddies to learn about cross walks and all - I'm all for that!
We've all got our shortcomings and oddities though; me, I'm into - gasp! - S&M! Fortunately my dear wife really enjoys sunsets and merlot too. I guess as long as we keep keep it private we're OK - even in outer space.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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