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Obviously witty sarcasm is lost on some people lol. The helicopter and one finger was a joke about your outter space location. It was a JOKE - good grief. When I explain a decision or feeling I have based on my own personal experience - you can't (well you did) twist my words into another meaning. That too is your right -but doesn't make you right. It's dawning on all of us here, I think, that if we express our "feelings" - Vain will then TELL us what it is we feel. Because either we are wrong, or not allowed to feel that way unless it fall's into Vain's way of thinking - and magically if he writes it - then it must be so! So let me be clear. I think you are an idiot. Now it's not against the law to be an idiot so don't panic. You aren't going to be arrested or anything. But you might find yourself eating lunch alone and wondering why. Attacking my spelling? Really? What does that have to do with bikes? Why aren't you attacking some of the other guys that can't complete a sentence without misspelling a word? Ohhhhh I get it, they didn't disagree with your heavenly wisdom - outter space - geez it just keeps coming up doesn't it.

I'm sorry Vain - I may get a little heated when someone comes at me out of left field for no reason - but maybe I should publish to you all the PM's I have now from folks telling me they agree - you are an idiot and telling me to continue to bait you and see how else you can make yourself seem silly. Come on, bring it - sit down at your computer, put your thinking cap( helmet) on and tippity tappity on your keyboard and just show us all what's what and set us straight - cuz surely we can't make it through this weekend without some more wisdom from on high from him who can set us all straight. I can hardly wait. In fact I think I'm going to rig a bell up to my computer to clang like hell when a message comes in from you because I don't want to miss it by a minute. Heck I might have to set up a wireless bluetooth link from my home network to buzz my phone and bluetooth my helmet so it will ding just in case I'm riding - and then I can whisk out my smart phone and get right on that message I've been so desperately waiting for. It gives me chills of anticipation!

So here is a test - no clouds - the sky is BLUE. Now come on - twist my words - and I can't wait to hear what color it really is!

Save me from Idiots! and on we go

And until then


Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things
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