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Originally Posted by CheesyRider View Post
Actually the finace guy did the classic "Oh, here's a booklet with the details", after I signed up for it. Then later I learned that you must do the maintance through them. So it comes down to $600to 1000 worth of maintance or **** like this.
Part of the problem is HD mentality, when I mentioned to the rep on the phone that I would like to give the bike back he said "Well most Harely owners feel just the opposite" I relied with "Most Harely owners don't know any better-and I will be doing all I can to educate them"
Rant off

Todd...don't be too pizzed off. Harley's are pretty good bikes just old school stuff. Virtually ALL extended warranty policies have some clause that allows them to skip out. Just depends on the dealer. I have purchased several for cars & boats and learned my lesson long ago...unless you have a catastrophic failure then you are tossing money out the window. That said, I have seen a few posts where guys had the HD extended warranty and had an engine failure which was completely covered. So, who knows?

Harley paid for 100% of my mechanical failures even 2-3 years out of warranty...but the whole ordeal just wore me out emotionally on the bike. I walked out in the garage and looked at it and the thought "I wonder if this bike will break down on me today?" went through my mind. That is when I went to get my Tbird because I don't like owning anything I come to feel that way about. I hope the guy who gets my Harley has zero problems with it but it turned into an "Ex-wife" for me.
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