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Originally Posted by TBird Daryl39 View Post
I'm chilled. And I apologize for letting myself go into "outter space" for a bit. Found I couldn't breathe out there - so I'm back down here. I think oxygen deprives the brain and then causes...ah, eccentricies. I'm guessing perhaps if you come from outter space you might find yourself eating lunch at a table alone a fair bit. And then when you are around folks you are just compelled to educate them at orbit speed to make up for all that lost time being alone.

I don't need to go re-read anything and I'm not going to further engage someone who wants to vomit up all the old posts, and try to force feed them again. I stand by what I said - Daz also mentioned the Harley crowd in L.A. If you truly are a bike rider than you know what we're talking about. But for oxygen deprived brains I will break it down a bit further to explain MY feelings and observations. Again they are mine so they cannot be argued with. A person feels what they feel and that is they way they feel - I can hate the color green and you can love it - argue all day, you won't get me to like green - it's the way I feel.

When we say "Harley crowd" we are not referring to regular folks who ride Harley's. I'm guessing most of us understand this? Harley crowd refers to the unsavory aspect of humanity that have made a Harley part of their "I'm a [email protected]" image" and I will look as mean and tough as I can and be as stupid as I can when I'm on my Harley. Like many things in life, 1% of folks ruin something or give a bad image to the 99% who do nothing wrong. Unfortunately sometimes it seems like the 1% of the riders do 99% of the riding so that is the image we see. I do not want to be part of that image. You don't see Hells Angels, Vagos, Mongols riding around on Triumphs. What part of my choice to feel the way I want and ride what I want for those reasons is not allowed in outter space? Case in point - Street Vibrations in Reno Nevada a few weeks ago - A Vagos member stabbed and shot and killed the president of the San Jose Chapter of Hells Angels. This is part of why I don't want to be part of that group - sometimes the general public that doesn't ride sees a Harley and makes assumptions that you must be a criminal - I don't want to ever be mistaken for one of those people and I feel strongly enough about it to mention it - it's one of the reasons I bought my TBird. I'm sorry outter space is so restrictive, but I'm writing this within the United States and for now we still have the freedom to make choices and purchases based on our feelings without having our arses chapped by some uniformed up police gestapo telling me how I should feel.

I've mentioned this before but I've even had an old lady approach me at an ATM, while my helmet was on and want to talk about my Triumph - while I have seen mothers with small children cross the street because they didn't want to walk by that person by his Harley. This is just what I've seen with my own eyes. So I'm off to have my whine and cheese for breakfast. I'm going to wave at cops because I like them, but if I see a copter running traffic I'll probably wave with one finger as a craft like know...could be from outter space!
The problem is Daryl your arse was chapped before you started. You walk around with a chip on your shoulder which is very evident. Your greater then thou attitude is displayed in writing an undeniable. Your about one of the shallowest individuals I've ever had the displeasure to come across. You discriminate and profile anyone who rides HD's. Your prejudicial attitude is well over top and duly noted.

The fact is Daryl; Hell Angles, Mongols and other MC don't just ride Harleys. I won't deny the 1%er's, are criminals but your wrong about HD riders as a whole. According to your line of thinking, any HD rider including boots officers who rides HD's fall into this same category. GET REAL and GET A LIFE!

By the way, that boots or patrol officer you decide to give the middle finger to...........I can guarantee you'll receive a citation and a lecture. I hope you try.
Let me say this, anyone who has ridden for supposedly as long as you have stated, would know better and be more accepting of others. They wouldn't stereotype or attempt to define one brand of owners as scum bags. So much for your "I get along with all riders", huh! It's hypocritical and just wrong.

No your not chilled, your out of control and you obviously have some other issues. Frankly, you're personal attitude is the very reason why we require law enforcement in the first place. It's also the very reason I avoid personal contact with such people, unless in the line of duty.

The rest of your diatribe is pure garbage and not worth responding to. Dude your spelling, come on a 5th grader can do better.

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