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manufacturers are all like that. Triumph is probably no better. I've seen a lot of crap. But i think they are a bit more accommodating when they truly believe they or their design is at fault. Thats about as good as it's gonna get tho because most manufacturers realize if they accommodated customers to the degree they probably morally should they'd likely have to raise prices and no longer be competitive. End result, company death. Thats my theory anyways. but when i pick a bike i don't consider any of that because i would rather have the bike i like best knowing that no matter what i buy i will have to deal with aholes in the company if anything goes wrong. It's never going to be a walk in th park with HD or triumph or anyone. But the bike itself is where the difference is. so you go with whats best and deal with the baggage that comes with any bike later on if you should have to. Dealers too. The company and far as i'm concerned they'd be hard pressed to do a worse job even if they tried. And yes, i know there ARE a few good ones. Key word unfortunately being "few".

if you wanna see just how harley like triumph can be, try calling the USA headquarters and talk to Peter Carlio. The guy will sound like your harley rep....might even give him a run for his money.
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