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Trust me, I'm not all that easy going here when people start in on me w/o good reason. I've been in more flame wars here that i care to remember. But yes, i will disagree and debate all day long respectfully till someone has a go at me w/o good reason. And that happened here way too often, tho lately it has calmed down a lot. Our local law seems to be leaving which should help calm things down here. Holier than thou attitudes aren't a good thing anyways so thats probably 4 the best.

as to friendly people in L.A.....well, next time you're here could you point them out? I've yet to see them. The HD riders here aren't going to jump at you and prove I'm right. and like i said, tho there are a lot of them, with such a huge population of them it only takes a fraction to make for a lot of them. The majority are posers, but even some of them TRY and act bad.

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