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Hi guys,

Dazco, I was in LA and spent a fair bit of time in California. Didn't see enough riders to note real attitudes or anything but I did notice LA was so vastly different from what is portrayed in the movies. You have a melting pot of diverse cultures and perhaps some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Not too many angry folks, unless you mention some bloke called Obama. Drove all over your lovely state and particularly like Carmel By The Sea. Avoided most of the usual tourist spots and saw a lot of country.Reminds me of Australia but you guys have funny accents.

Old Grey and Dazco, you seem pretty cool guys. Must be wisdom which is gained by age. I enjoy the way you can disagree but still respect others comments without doing a word by word autopsy on their statements.

This forum takes all types which is what makes it a place of discussion and comment.We are joined by a common bond of metal and rubber which fills in a pleasant part of our lives. This I enjoy but sometimes people think they are 100% right all the time. Me, I know I am 100% correct until my wife tells me otherwise.
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