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Sorry I didn't see this thread until today - I bought the K&N and torqued it down like some ninny told me to do - and it bent the bottom and tore some of the metal screening. I got lucky and was able to return it, as I bought it thru a Triumph dealer and the verified p/n as ok for speedmaster, america and tbird which brings up a question that I haven't seen before and it is...

How the heck can a 950cc engine have the same air filter as a 1700 BB Tbird? Wouldn't you think the Speedmaster has more than enough air and maybe the TBird not enough? There is lots of talk about air kits and increasing airflow - but I'm thinking perhaps that maybe that isn't such a big deal as we think it might be. Without the proper equipment to actually measure cfm's - it would be hard to know. But I would hazard a slightly uneducated, but well thought out guess that the air filter designated provides more than enough air flow and it is the intake and valves on the heads themselves that determine how much air goes through the bike. Think about it - if the 1700 is getting enough air - and I have a 950cc Speedmaster - what could I possibly need to do to increase my airflow on the Speedmaster?


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